Risk a Trip on the Roosevelt Island Tram? 

There’s something fascinating about those moments in a busy city when people suddenly find themselves trapped together. Be it an elevator or a subway car or a tram, a breakdown lifts the veil from the anonymous commuter and people start to look each other in the eye, actually communicate. Especially when they have to decide what kind of pizza to order…

Where she presides:
    Mercury Bar, Murray Hill
Favorite drink:                 A nice German pilsner
If I had to, yeah. I’d do it just for kicks. But I’d let them get in a few good test runs first. Don’t want to get stuck up there for seven hours. Especially since all the people were just ordering pizza. Yeah — they were bringing them food and all the people wanted was like pizza and Pepsi. I’d be like, how about some beer? That could be like a condition if I’m going up in there. If we get stuck someone has to bring me a bottle of something good.
Where he presides:
        Maker’s, Murray Hill
Favorite drink:                  Dirty Sanchez
Sure. I rode it once before and I was scared enough that time, so if I survived it that one time I guess I could survive it again. I caught a glimpse of the coverage on the 11 o’clock news that night, but that was pretty much it.

Where he presides:
            House of Brews, Hell’s Kitchen
Favorite drink:                      Jack Daniel’s
Sure I’ll ride it again. It’s a great attraction. Whenever I have people in from Ireland that want to see the city, I take them on the tram — especially at night. The view is really beautiful. I play soccer on the weekends at Roosevelt Island too. The tram definitely beats taking a cab. So it had one glitch. Everything malfunctions eventually. And nobody died, right? If it’s your time, it’s your time. It seems like everyone in this city is terrified of everything. That’s not my approach.
Where he presides:
            Playwright Tavern, Midtown
Favorite drink:                      Beer
Yeah, I’d do it. What about you, Tom? [Tom, a regular, chimes in: ‘Yeah, I’ll go again. It’s a pretty wild ride. A little rickety, but nothing you can’t get over. Hey, I was up on scaffolding on the 65th floor of the Chrysler Building today. Now that’s a little more dramatic than the tram. They’ve got these eagles carved up there — they just look like stumps from the ground, but when you get up there, you see these beautiful carvings — made out of chrome. About 8 feet tall and 10, 15 feet wide. I actually got off the scaffolding and laid on one of these things so I could take a photo of the other one with the Empire State Building in the background. No, I’m not crazy — I had a harness on — but it must have looked that way to anyone that saw me! Anyway, kid, you should take that tram ride when they fix it.]

Where she presides:
        Tonic, Midtown
Favorite drink:                     French martini
I’ve always wanted to ride on that tram, so, yes, I’ll give it a shot when they get it fixed. Hey, it was just one incident right? And from what I understand the Fire Department and the police did a great job getting everyone down safely. Wait, really? It’s stalled before? Well, I don’t want to hear about that! I’d still like to try it. I’m curious about Roosevelt Island — I haven’t been before.


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