Ryan Adams & The Cardinals 

Follow the Lights EP (Lost Highway)

Easy Tiger was released just a few months back, and for the first time in years, no one talked much shit about Ryan Adams, mostly because the record contained some of the best work he’s done in years — the kind of touching but not terribly precious material everyone had been waiting to hear more of since Heartbreaker. And before we’re even done digesting it, he’s back with the Follow the Lights EP, consisting of four new songs and three new versions of previously released tracks. As the joint billing would indicate, the Cardinals have left their mark all over it. The title track is a brief, lovely number with a gently aching melody, while the other new songs are, to lift a quote from all the reviews of the Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson, minor Ryan Adams. ‘Is This It’ is carefully transformed into an airy, acoustic track, and ‘Dear John’ is much better without Norah Jones. More misses than hits this time around, but fear not: he should be releasing something new in fifteen minutes or so.


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