Scout Niblett 

Kidnapped by Neptune


I hate female vocalists ? ok, some of them. Think Courtney Love, Karen O, the Donnas, (stepping on many toes here); frankly, they make me want to puke. That being said, I do admit to a few exceptions. I really prefer the women who don’t try to sound girly or sexy, but let their sexuality burst out naturally through fits of raw sonic power, and I haven’t heard an artist that fits this description as much as Scout Niblett does, since I first became aware of BjÜrk. Scout harmonizes, howls, serenades and at truly opportune moments, screams her way through the complementary companions of crashing drums and stripped down guitar. If you love either of the great Kims (Deal or Gordon), or even Joanna Newsom, buy this album. And if I haven’t convinced you, you should know that it’s produced by Steve Albini. 


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