So, 2011? Predictions for 2012? 

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This was a pretty shitty year. I had money problems and a couple of months ago my girlfriend broke up with me. So I’m looking forward to turning the page, even if it being 2012 won’t suddenly make me rich or anything. I don’t know what to expect next year. Hopefully not more of the same.

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I have one goal for 2012, and that’s to get my U.S. citizenship. I spent most of this year preparing for that and I’m waiting for it all to be done. My guess is that it will take a while, but I’ll get it, and I’ll end 2012 a Mongolian-American. As for this year, it wasn’t bad, but I don’t remember too much of what happened.

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Whenever anyone talks about 2012, they always joke about the world coming to an end. That whole Mayan thing. I don’t really believe that, but everyone talks about it. Even in 2013, though, there will be people who will insist the end is coming. Probably some asshole will blow something up on that day because he can’t let go of the idea. There’s also the election, which I’m already so sick of. God, if any of the dickhead Republicans win, maybe the world really will come to an end.

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I don’t make predictions. That’s foolish. I like not knowing what’s coming next. I don’t even think about tomorrow or make plans for next week. Let it all come, I say. I’m ready for it. You should be, too.


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