So, Increased Taxi Fares? 

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There’s a lot people don’t understand about driving cabs, and the first thing is how little we make. We don’t make a lot of money! Plus, each day you go out you have all these expenses that put you in debt before you even get your first customer. So fare increases would help us out. I think it is a good idea, at least while gas prices are so high.

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The people complaining are the ones who would have to pay higher fares, not the drivers so much. But everyone always bitches when prices go up, like whenever the MTA raises its prices. I don’t think higher fares would really mean fewer customers: most of the people I drive are either drunk or rich, and in either case they don’t give a shit what they pay, or they’re tourists and in that case they bitch about prices no matter what.

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I don’t want to see prices going up. Any prices, even cab fares. This economy is already so bad, and this city is already so expensive, that it is such a struggle to do anything. Everyone is already so poor, no one can afford anything. I want to make money but I don’t want to be a part of that. But I guess poor people don’t really take taxis.

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I have to admit, I’ve heard talk about this but I haven’t really been following it. Yeah, I know. I don’t really know what it entails and all that. If it means more money for me, I support it; if not, I don’t. That’s how I am about most things. Except voting for Republicans.


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