Spencer Krug's Sprawling, Slightly Annoying Moonface EP 

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Dreamland EP: marimba and shit-drums

Spencer Krug has always been an idea man, one whose hit-or-miss Wolf Parade/Sunset Rubdown/Swan Lake contributions have increasingly fallen more on the "hit" side these past few years, so the thought of him composing a 20-minute single-track EP inspired by his dream journals (the second project under his Moonface alias) was intriguing. There's lots of talk about being a "moonface flower child" on Dreamland, typical subject matter for Krug, though its strictly marimba-and-drum instrumentation is a departure from his keyboard. Oh, Spencer, such a dreamer. In reality, using the marimba—terse, metallic, like a giant xylophone—as his prime instrument keeps him from developing any real melody or one of the hidden hooks he's built a career around; its sound just isn't malleable enough. After 20 minutes, this "song" feels frustratingly one-dimensional, and, well, annoying. And while creating something catchy doesn't seem to be the point of the project, it does bring up the argument about whether everything created by an artist as prolific as Krug (see also: Bradford Cox) should be made available to the public just because it can be.


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