Directed by Stuart Gordon

Based on the true story in 2001 about a Texas woman who hit a homeless man with her car and left him to die while he was still stuck in her windshield, Stuck can’t seem to make up its mind whether it’s a thriller or a black comedy about Americans’ lack of personal responsibility. Mournful-looking Stephen Rea (perhaps wondering how he went from The Crying Game to this) is sympathetic as Tom, the down-on-his luck victim, but everyone else, including Mena Suvari as dangerous driver Brandi, can’t do much with the laughably inept script: a scene where Brandi catches her drug-dealing boyfriend cheating consists mainly of them hurling expletives back and forth. And if it weren’t for the cell phones onscreen, you would think Stuck was a 70s exploitation film (the main character’s bedroom even has a lava lamp!), complete with gross-out gore, gratuitous sex and nudity and one-dimensional acting. We’re supposed to believe that Brandi is just as “stuck” in her position as poor Tom but, save for her kind treatment of one of the residents at the senior center where she works, she’s really just as selfish and amoral as everyone else here. Don’t get stuck watching this.

Opens May 30


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