Summer Romance? 

Hailed in: Prospect Heights
Hails from:Ghana
I have a family. I have a wife and kids. They're back in Ghana. I have some friends who brought their wives over, but they tell me not to because you can't beat your wives in the U.S. And if you do bring them, they leave you for richer guys. [Ugh.]

Hailed in: Hell's Kitchen
Hails from: Philadelphia
I got women all over the place. Manhattan, Brooklyn, all over. Every night I'm with a new woman. Sometimes driving if I'm near one of their places I stop and go up for some quick stuff or we drive somewhere empty and they suck me off right here in the cab. I don't buy them dinner or nothing. They just want it. [Indeed.]

Hailed in: Tribeca
Hails from: Bay Ridge
New York women are crazy. That's a good thing. Well, a good and bad thing. No woman is sexier than a New York woman, it's like they're all movie stars. But so many of them are just nuts; they use their skin like a credit card. They make you do anything by saying they'll fuck you, then half the time they don't.


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