Surf's Up 

Directed by Ash Brannon and Chris Buck

Move over, Gidget! Make room on that blanket, Frankie and Annette! The movie I thought would wipe out rode its celluloid wave to glory. Okay, enough schlock. Surf’s Up exemplifies that old adage, “never judge a movie by its trailer.” If that’s not an old adage, it should be. In the trailer we see clips of the annoying “Chicken Joe” and unfunny jokes for kiddies, but this movie is actually smart and worthwhile. Told as a documentary, adults are kept entertained while children giggle at their same-aged penguin counterparts saying the word “poop.” The story is heartwarming, as a teenager and a bulbous old penguin prove to be just what the other needs for inspiration. When you see this film, be sure to stay through the credits so you don’t miss delightful add-ons. The animation is brilliant and the soundtrack rocks. Alright, just one more…as far as summer in Hollywood goes, this one might be the Big Kahuna.

Opens June 8


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