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This year’s performers and showcase presenters tell us which Northside shows they’re most excited for.

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Olga Bell
singer, Bell
I’ve been sequestered away for the last six months, finishing and releasing this album. Not very good at keeping up with new things to begin with, but I feel especially out of it this spring. That said, I have been listening to lots and lots of Nirvana recently, and I’m definitely going to try to see Deervana—and I hope someone makes an appropriate illustration for that project. I’ve always wanted to see Theophilous London, I kind of wish his show was in a church. I met one of the guys from Beige last night—he works at a restaurant by my apartment and everything he recommended was amazing, especially the oysters. Definitely going to see Beige.

Matt Gross
Heart is a Spade
Day by day picks: Thursday, Theophilus London. Swag from birth. Friday, Kanine’s showcase. Don’t forget to bring a forklift. You’ll need it to elevate your jaw off the ground following Zambri’s set. Saturday, Luaka Bop showcase, Javelin & The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! on the same bill will surely lead to one of the most frenetic dance parties of all time.

Caleb Braaten
Sacred Bones Records
We are very excited for both the Academy Annex/Other Music show as well as  the Wierd Records
showcase. Public Assembly is going to be where it’s at that weekend!

Pat Duffy
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted
In my mind there are few better Northside Showcases than the Battering Room showcase at Matchless on Saturday afternoon. Not only do you get to swig some awesome beers in the middle of the day, you also get to rock out to some truly hidden gems. I’m Turning Into and Beat Radio are long time faves of mine, but I’m most excited to have another chance to see Portland, Maine’s Marie Stella and the always awesome Mussels. Should be the perfect way to spend your Saturday at Northside.

David Teller
Bird Dog Productions
Kanine Records and Newtown Radio have the best lineups this year, done and done.  Other random acts I want to catch are Janka Nabay, Ava Luna, Neighbors and wait wait... Harry Belafonte?!... yes please.  Oh, and the Merok Showcase with Blondes, Teengirl Fantasy and Gatekeeper at 285 Kent, duh!

Paul Walker
Big Ass Lens
For us dudes at Big Ass Lens, catching shows is our steady duty so we’re pretty damn stoked that we get to see them for free this time covering and participating in the fest. Usually we’d have to pay or plea our way into awesome shows like Magik Markers at Cecilia’s, Prurient at Public Assembly, or Mr. Dream at Glasslands. Now the question remains, did Glasslands get A/C yet? A man could get muggy in there.

Ben Steidel
Academy Records Annex
I’m excited to see more shows happening at St. Cecilia’s Church. It’s an amazing space for artists in Brooklyn right now and I hope it continues to be a center of great, creative things.

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