Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 

Directed by Adam McKay

Though lacking the surrealist bent that made 2004’s Anchorman such a multi-faceted gem, Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay’s latest pairing manages to effectively lampoon the world of NASCAR without risking the ire of the sport’s-or Ferrell’s- suburban fan base.

This time out, Ferrell’s trademark lummox is cast in the form of Ricky Bobby, a NASCAR champion who loses it all after a not-so-fiery accident renders him unable to race.

While the stock plot provides an adequate frame on which to hang various gags, cut-ups, and t-shirt ready catch phrases, cameos by real-world racing luminaries are sure to delight anyone who actually knows who they are.

Thankfully, Ferrell and company — John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch, Sacha Barron Cohen, et. al.— approach the material with enough energy and genuine enthusiasm to keep things moving down the track.


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