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Paulie Gee, Paulie Gee's

How would you describe Brooklyn’s place within the greater NYC culinary scene? The national culinary scene? Global?
When it comes to food, there has definitely been an expansionary, pioneering spirit in Brooklyn. Especially the areas closer to Manhattan. Ten to 15 years ago, it seemed to be just Smith Street. Today there seems to be a rush from restaurateurs to open in less saturated neighborhoods. That seems to coincide with residents moving there in much of the same way. I think Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy are good examples of that.

Ten years from now, how will Brooklyn’s food culture have changed?
The residents of North Brooklyn are moving here from all over the world, and they’re mostly young enough for their parents to miss them. That brings lots of visitors from around the world who otherwise wouldn’t step foot in the area, so we’re getting lots of exposure outside of the area.

Of all the trends in contemporary cooking, are there any you’re particularly excited about?
See above. See the East Village. Sandwiches.



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