Ten Fall Trends and How to Wear Them 

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Depending on how you saw the Fall 2009 runway presentations earlier this year, we are either going to be living in the chic 1940s (pleat-front pants, peplum skirts, statement accessories) or flashing back to the glam 1980s (power suits, studs, shoulder pads, and over-the-knee stiletto boots). Fashion’s funny that way: Much like people, it can seemingly hold two completely contradictory ideas in its glossy little head at the same time—sometimes, in fact, blending the two together in an I-can’t-believe-this-look-might-actually-work kind of way (pleat-front pants and studded motorcycle jackets, hello!). Depending on your perspective, this fall’s either the sluttiest season in recent memory or one of the most crisp and tailored. Either way, there’s something here for everyone.


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Pleat-front, high-waist trousers paired with sharply-cut, slightly oversize menswear-inspired blazers. Ironically, at what's been described as the very bottom of our economic recession, we're seeing the return of the good ol' fashioned 80s power suit. This year's iterations are a little bit softer, taking a page out of spring's harem pants explosion. Of course, like so much contemporary suiting, these pieces are equally versatile as separates-pair a heavy-duty blazer with sleek denim, or a slouchy pair of trousers with a simple, slim-fitting tank. Hey, it's a much more fun suit than the options your parents encouraged you to buy after graduation at Brooks Brothers.


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