The 10 Best Things Right Now: The Shins, The Pogues, Not Being at SXSW and More 

1. Hey, the Shins Are Back! (And They Disproved the Theory That No One
Ever Sounds Good on Saturday Night Live!)

After five years of complete silence, onetime indie-pop poster boys The Shins are on the comeback trail, with their fourth full-length, Port of Morrow. First single "Simple Song" is a stellar example of what they do best: complex, high-energy pop that makes perfect use of frontman James Mercer's glass-shattering vocals and his miraculous way with melody. The rest of the album is a bit more laid-back, but no less compelling. It relies more on acoustic guitars than usual, which is actually a pretty pleasant surprise, and it's bolstered by a sense of playfulness that can at times feel awkward but not at all unwelcome. (Also, for the record, they were on SNL last week and they sounded great. Sorry, Lana, but it can be done.)

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