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Insound’s Wishlist Feature
I will turn 33 years old this month, an age that is by pretty much any measure far too advanced for me to still be making lists of the things I would like people to buy me for my birthday and/or Christmas, which also happens to be right around the corner. But whatever, I still totally do that, albeit under the mostly false pretense that it serves as a list of things I’d like to buy for myself throughout the year. I am a loyal user of Insound’s wishlist service, which allows me (my family members) to keep track of the records I’d like to add to my collection. The only way I could see this being any better is if there was some easy way to access it from a mobile device, which I suppose wouldn’t actually help Insound’s bottom line, come to think of it. Oh well, I really hope someone buys me Battle Champions by Dianogah, which I did not know was still available on vinyl.


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