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The Internet’s Reaction to Lulu
For those who haven’t been paying attention, the internet has this tendency (and increasingly, so does the print world on which the web continues to have such a severe, misbegotten impact) to apply unnecessary and in fact counterproductive intellectual examination to things that are simply not worth it. Or, maybe that’s not true: everything’s worth close intellectual examination, I suppose, but all too often recently, at least in the seediest, silliest music-crit corners of the internet, it results in pieces that stand “boldly” in defense of things that everyone else knows are only worth defending (Hello, Creed) if you’re looking to pad your page-views. I am pleased to report that, now a couple weeks removed from the release of Lulu, the obviously laughable collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica, no such defense has surfaced. And for that, internet, I commend you. (Though Chuck Eddy did wrongly deem it "less ridiculous than you might expect")


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