The 50 Best Blocks in Brooklyn 

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7. Best Unexpected Retail Block:

Bergen Street
(between Fifth and Flatbush, Park Slope)
You’d expect Bergen Street to be all residential here, but instead, walking west from the 2/3 station, you stumble upon a terrific strip of stores and restaurants, perfect for a nerdy, sexy vegan cyclist (aka a typical Brooklynite): Bergen Street Comics, 
Babeland, Sun in Bloom, and Ride Brooklyn, as well as other boutiques and cafes.

8. Best Block to Smoke a Joint:

Gregory Place
(between Baltic and Butler, Park Slope)
Butler doesn’t cut through to Fifth Avenue, making this side street behind the Key Food more like a back alley, the kind where you might see joint-toking teens pass a yuppie with a one-hitter walking his dog.

9. Worst-Smelling Block:

Front Street

 (between Main and Washington, DUMBO)
There may be blocks with more powerful miasmatic reach, but the mysterious vent of raw sewage somewhere between West Elm and Gleason’s that shoots olfactory poison darts at unsuspecting passersby is truly a hogo too high. (We’re sick just thinking of it.)  

10. Best-Smelling Block:

Manhattan Avenue

(between Driggs and Nassau, Greenpoint)
You could start and end this one with the New Warsaw Bakery (technically on Lorimer) in the middle of the block and its sweet, sweet bready scent-cloud. But what’s that across the street? Recently opened Charlotte Patisserie, a French-style pastry shop filled with the aromas of sugar, butter and coffee. On the slightly odder olfactory front, we also love the smell of early morning bar (that combination of stale beer, cigarettes, and bleach is basically our madeleine moment), which can be found in great gusts at the corner of Driggs, between Matchless and Enid’s...

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