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Favorite venue to shoot:My website and photos are not about the venue as much as the people. My goal is to seek out the craziest, most fun parties. But consistently Lavo, Juliet, RdV, Le Bain are the go-to's for me

Most obscure moment to occur while shooting: One night my friends and I were partying at RDV and a Facebook acquaintance of mine asked if she could come out and learn more about what I do. I started shooting and left my friends in charge of the table and alcohol situation. Fast forward about two hours. I stumble back to the table to find half of my friends gone and the other half belligerent. I also locate my acquaintance, who's eyes are rolling in the back of her head. We all walk outside to go home and realize that this girl can't even function and that we have no idea where she lives (we thought we heard something about Queens). Reluctantly, we all agree to take her home to my apartment. After dragging her into my stairwell, she starts throwing up and splashing around in it. After resisting, we somehow lock her in the bathroom and pray she's alive the next morning. She lived. Barely.


Image from above description.


Girls in the smoke while Tiesto was DJ'ing at Lavo


DJ Chachi spraying champagne at RdV


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