The Boulevard Tavern 

579 Meeker Ave, right under the BQE, 718-389-3252
Cheapest Drink: $3 drafts and well drinks, happy hour (4 to 8pm daily)
Most Expensive Drink: The last one out of the nine or ten you’ve knocked back, you lush.
Overheard: “Billy Joel had a roadie come on stage to sing the AC/DC cover ‘All Night Long’. Sounded just like ‘em.”

If you’ve done it and you’re over it and you’re still able to shift your bored load up off the couch, then perhaps you should read on.

Here’s the blueprint: head off to a run-of-the-mill bar and proceed to murder time, alone or with some comrades, but definitely sans irony or the scene-y shit. Wear whatever you like. Drink whatever you want and relax. Drop the 50 cents to play Thin Lizzy’s ‘Jailbreak’ and put a single fist into the air for rockin’ it hometown style. Welcome to the less traveled streets of Greenpoint. Welcome to Boulevard Tavern.

From the get-go this is history repeating itself — in the present! Enter through old saloon swing doors into an
80-year-old bar, revamped and re-opened by the owners of East Village rock bar, Raven. Old lighting, old bathrooms (ladies note: pull handle up on toilet, not down), old worn wood, and old locals are the rule in this bar — along with plenty of lore. According to the aforementioned locals, years ago a bartender was murdered right behind the bar, just doing his job (which may or may not have included sleeping with a customer). And according to the current bartender some campy vampire movie was filmed here, (it was a bitch to clean up all the fake blood). If you dig bloodshed and good tap beer, this is your haunt.

But it’s still Brooklyn and change has come to these old streets, far from the subway. An Internet jukebox and a Simpsons pinball machine indicate that a newer, younger crowd is well within range. As for the rest of the place, there’s a small back room that provides a pool table as its centerpiece, and a gateway to what will be a fantastic backyard come summer. There are two televisions, and that’s that. After a once over, there’s only one thing left to do at the Boulevard (as there is in life) — drink and laugh it up.


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