The Brick Radio Crash Box 

The Brick, 1575 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg

In a magazine named after the train that carries us gleefully between Williamsburg and Union Square, it is only fitting that we give mad props to a theater that you actually have to ride the “no weekend service” train to get to. Yes, the other night I rode from Union Square to the Lorimer stop, grabbed a burger at DuMont and saw The Brick Radio Crash Box at the Brick.

It’s a radio show, and a clever one at that. On the third Sunday of every month, this WKRP in Cincinnati on crack gets together and records their bit live in front of a studio audience (that’s where you come in). The other night, we were treated to “Mail Call” in which a mysterious gift from a mysterious stranger had the bunch all in a tizzy, a mime who gives a verbal play-by-play of his act, an ongoing ad for “Pluracor,” a product you apparently desperately need and a call-in show testing the haiku skills of its listeners. Live Foley effects go down right before your very eyes —who knew a clipboard could sound like a BB gun? And it all eventually ends up as a neat little podcast (, so you can take your Third Sunday affair with you everywhere.

Stick around afterwards and have a beer with the cast, and maybe they’ll even let you play with some of the sound effects toys!


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