The Bridge 

Directed by Eric Steel

People use the Golden Gate Bridge for many reasons. Tourists like it for the views, drivers cross it to get to work, and every year, anticipating almost certain death, at least 24 people throw themselves over it. Morose, isn’t it? Yes, and it’s also the subject of this 93-minute documentary by Eric Steel. If you can handle that simple fact, then you can sit through this film.

For an entire year, Steel and his crew staked out the bridge with telescopic lenses, trying to capture these “jumpers” (that’s the name that Tad Friend gives them in the New Yorker article that inspired the film) in their final, flailing moments. The result, spliced with haunting abstracted shots of the bay, (filmed in the free moments when there wasn’t any “action,”) music by Morrissey, and interviews with grieving family members, is grim. Really, just one sad extended rubber-necking session.
Opens October 27th at IFC


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