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Charitable Gifts

Everyone I know has been giving extra this year to help with hurricane relief, either to big guys like Red Cross, little guys like Red Hook Initiative, or just volunteering with Occupy Sandy. Keep giving to those places! But here are five not-strictly-hurricane-related awesome nonprofits that I know could use some year-end cash, if you want to change it up a little.

Ali Forney Center
The Ali Forney Center is a drop-in center for homeless LGBTQ youth. That’s a population that is so incredibly vulnerable, and AFC does an amazing job providing a warm and welcoming spot. Unfortunately, they’re far on the west side and their space and equipment were destroyed by Sandy. AFC provides a desperately-needed service to an underserved population.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue
For the animal-lover in your life, consider a donation to SCAR. They’re a no-kill shelter that goes out of its way to take in the most hopeless cases and rehabilitate them. Plus, they’re the only rescue in the city that takes exotic animals. If you’re not convinced, here iis a profile of the eponymous Mr. Casey that will make you tear up for sure.

Rolling Jubilee
Have you heard of the Rolling Jubilee? This idea is the best idea. They are buying up distressed consumer debt for pennies on the dollar and forgiving it. So your gift will not only go to your lucky friend, but to the anonymous people who are no longer being crushed by debt.

WFMU, if you don’t know it, which you should, is a New Jersey listener-supported freeform station that brings joy all across the tri-state area. A lot of their equipment was damaged in the hurricane, and they had to cancel their record fair, an annual fund-raiser. Help ‘em out.

Masbia provided thousands of meals to people in shelters, displaced by the storm. But even during non-disasters, Masbia provides hot meals and a food pantry for hungry New Yorkers.


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