The Brooklyn Gift Guide: What to Buy for Every Type of Person in Your Life 

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Gifts for the Anti-Consumerist

A donation to Hurricane Sandy clean-up efforts in the giftee's name
This is fairly obvious. Everybody feels good about giving to those in need. Especially those in need. Hope For New York is a good clearing house for volunteering and/or giving.

Anything from Build It Green
Waste is one of the great, ongoing sins of this country: there's enough old clothes and furniture out in the world right now to make us all comfortable for decades. There's no need, really, to ever buy anything new again. We're big fans of salvage and reuse heroes Build It Green, where you never ever know what you'll find (children's billiard table! antique ship's clock!). We highly recommend larking around the Gowanus location, which is open, despite the storm-battering...

Anarchy in a Jar
Smash the system, bring down capitalism, buy some jam made by anarchists. Because revolution is sticky and delicious.
Available in lots of Brooklyn stores

The Cuppow Reusable Canning Jar Coffee Lid
We love this thing. It let's us turn canning jars into reusable coffee cups, because we really, really hate how many disposable coffee cups there are in the world.
Available at Brooklyn Kitchen

Occupy! Scenes from Occupied America
Sure, we love us some Obama, but really, he's basically an old-fashioned Rockefeller Republican. Let's not let our relief cloud the harsh realities of American iniquity; let this n+1-edited, Verso-published account of last year's Occupy movement remind us of how far there is to go.


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