The Donkey Show: by Randy Weiner and Diane Paulus 

Go-Go, 17 W. 19th St

In a world of Shakespearean updates, The Donkey Show gives contemporary theater what it so desperately needed: A Midsummer Night’s Dream as told through a sometimes reaching, sometimes inspired amalgam of disco dance routines.

After appearing in two high school productions — once horrendously miscast as Titania — I’m terribly fond of Midsummer so I was hopeful (but skeptical) going in. Seventies Afro wig and pelvic thrust-filled minutes later, I wasn’t floored but wasn’t overly disappointed, either. Freshly relocated at Go-Go where energetic gender-bending actors hurtle over bar tops and audience members, The Donkey Show, of course, isn’t serious theater but is loads of ridiculous fun. Prior knowledge of the original play helps but isn’t necessary; any dialogue is improvised but gets the very basic love rectangle/havoc wreaking-magic spell/bestiality point across. As for Titania the disco diva goddess, she’s attended to by — wait for it — fairies; writhing, glittering loin-clothed go-go dancing fairies who cart her around in her do-me boots, hot pants and butterfly pasties. And to think I was nervous about having to wear a unitard.


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