The Double 

Loose in the Air

Arguments about New York’s “best band” are generally ridiculous, but the release of the Double’s Matador debut certainly has people talking. Anchored by longtime set-list staples ‘Up All Night’ and ‘On Our Way’, Loose in the Air’s tight, noisy first half approximates the cerebral bludgeoning — ever had your eardrums punished by an autoharp? — of their live presence (the only thing better than standing right by the speakers at a Double show is standing right by the speakers at a Double show and seeing an immaculately scruffy hipster leaning on the edge of the stage, lighting a bowl) without losing much in translation. Deeper in, after an almost-but-not-quite-club-ready reworking of last year’s single ‘Hot Air’, the record spirals off into less immediate territory. Its emphasis on texture over a quick pay-off deepens the almost conventional structures of Side A by association; the album actually grows up as you listen to it. So, are the Double the best band in New York? They’ve got my vote


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