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10. The Rabble Rousers: Occupy Brooklyn

Twentysomething, Brooklyn

The young organizers of Occupy Brooklyn—who are not, of course, its leaders—are involved in the flagship protest across the river. But “we also are working hard on issues particular to Brooklyn,” says Eliana Horn (22), one such organizer, including foreclosure rates and subsidized development in Downtown Brooklyn. “There are also neighborhood-specific General Assemblies that have been organizing as well, in Bed-Stuy, Red Hook, Sunset Park and, coming up, Crown Heights and Flatbush,” she continues. “These groups tackle issues specific to their communities. For example, Organize Bed-Stuy is fixing up The Slave Theater.” These meetings draw an average of 65 people, sometimes as many as 130, with new people showing up all the time. “People come to OBK with different ideas about how Occupy Brooklyn relates to the larger OWS movement,” she said, “and excitingly there is room for all of them!”


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