The Faces of the Occupation 

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Derek Brown
Crown Heights
Security Guard

“People need to spread the bread. Those one percent need to know that for people to realize their dreams they need resources,” said Brown, who’d been sleeping, at first in a makeshift tent, in Zuccotti Park for three weeks. The experience has been “grueling,” he said, and he’d often wake up in puddles of water—once, he had all his belongings stolen.

“But I still spread the message,” he said, “and I’m still a way station for people.” Brown continues to camp out in the park collecting donations to purchase things demonstrators need but can’t find at the comfort tent or from the food line. “I do my part.”


Carlos Cabrera
Sunset Park

Cabrera lives in Sunset Park and has been coming to Zuccotti every day since September 17. He hasn’t slept in the park but he thinks the most important part is showing up and showing support.

“We want to gain enough popularity, by means of you guys, the media, to send a message out there that we want to change the economic system,” Cabrera said, “before [it] collapses.”

“We are mainly focused on corporate greed and social inequality,” Cabrera said, “We are not economists, but we have ideas that might help the central government.” He would like to see changes in bank regulations, in how they “gamble with people’s money,” and changes in how corporations deal with minimum wages, how they “enslave people.”

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