The Fashionable Bystander: Kim 


Special events manager

Kim, who taught you how to dress like this?
Mostly vintage stores, Jimmy Hendrix and my pot-smoking hippie mom. I like to mix and match: I like menswear, vintage and new stuff. I'm creative but not crazy. I'm eclectic with that old-school sensibility that channels high-brow and low-brow. I can be a snob sometimes... I'm especially a labelwhore with bags like Prada, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, but I get vintage as well. I got this old-school YSL from Housing Works.

Did you ever make a living out of your fashion sense?
When I moved to New York, I fell into the fashion world and ended up becoming an assistant stylist. I assisted at fashion week Bryant Park tents and worked for a lot of clients. After a while it became too much, there was a lot of schlepping and I decided to do my own thing. Now I work for Public, which is not just a restaurant as it's owned, operated and designed by a really kick-ass architecture firm AvroKO. Public was their first venture and it's been open for the last seven years. The design, food, atmosphere and people are all pretty awesome.

What's the best event you've managed?
I used to work at Double Crown, Public's sister restaurant (open for the past 2 years) which offers a more casual, laid back, funkier version of Public. Every year they do a really cool New Year's party and this past year we produced a Gin Lane theme. We looked like we were on LSD. I had a white curly afro, a bustier and we made some of the servers dress like hermaphrodites. We all looked crazy.

So when you're not wearing a white fro, what do you wear to work?
Well, I'm at a desk five days a week but that doesn't stop me. No Chanel zoot suits though.

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You Should Dress Like: Kim
You Should Dress Like: Kim You Should Dress Like: Kim You Should Dress Like: Kim You Should Dress Like: Kim You Should Dress Like: Kim You Should Dress Like: Kim You Should Dress Like: Kim You Should Dress Like: Kim

You Should Dress Like: Kim

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What's the craziest thing you own?
A Mike and Chris leather jacket, that, when you put the collar up, it's like a "did you say something?" I saw it at the sample sale and had to have it. It has magnetic snaps so when I'm in line or something, paper clips and things start sticking to me. It's so bizarre.

When did you shave your hair?
Believe it or not, I used to be very shy. One day I thought the only way to get out of this shyness would be to do something that stands out: I shaved my head for the first time in 1993 and never went back. I find that woman hide behind their hair and I just realized it's not important. I'm not trying to make a statement, or tell you what my sexual orientation is, and it's easy and clean and I can focus on the clothes.

But has your sexual orientation ever been confused because of it?
I am straight, and I initially thought when I shaved my head everyone would think I was gay, which is fine because I appreciate women. But I don't want to... do them.

Except for Grace Jones?
Except for Grace Jones.


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