The Ideal Brooklyn Date Weekend 


Friday, 5:15pm, Drinks at Hot Bird
Break the ice with a Rye Manhattan, but make sure to get the warm chocolate cake (aphrodisiac!). And, provided you've been dating for awhile, the knack mi is yummy.


Friday, 7pm BAM, The Diary of a Madman
You know who was totally romantic? Nikolai Gogol! Ok, totally j/k, but this'll make you look smart.


Saturday, 11:30am, Brunch at Five Leaves
It'll probably be too cold to sit outside (duh), but if you can get a seat inside, the glimmering beauty of all those around you can only enhance your existence (a rising tide floats all boats, right?).


Saturday, 2pm, Tennis
Did you know that the nets are still up at McCarren Park? What? You don't own a white sweater? Cretin. (You might want to bring a snow shovel.)


Saturday, 7pm, Roberta's
Thrill to the presence of delicious roof-grown pizza! Smirk at the sight of Manhattanites entering the restaurant with relief on their faces!


Saturday, 10pm, Glasslands
You've been talking a lot today. Maybe you should stop talking and start dancing. Also, drinking.


Sunday, NOON, Art at English Kills
Didn't the Fresh Prince of Bel Air once say "We have art in order not to die of the truth"? He also said that an art gallery is a good place to put the moves on.


Sunday, 2pm, Red Hook Ball Fields
Soccer is the world's game because it can be played by both sexes—at the same time! Work up a sweat together, and then go pig out on tacos from the Red Hook taco vendors.


Sunday, 4:30pm, Shopping!
Shopping for clothes is an incredibly intimate undertaking. If you're ready for it, it can be a totally hotfun time, with changing room adventures and everything! Eva Gentry will make it good.


Sunday, 8pm, Cocktails at Manhattan Inn
You had a busy weekend. Chill the fuck out with a Rob Roy and some live piano. Sophisticated, but never square.

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