The L Magazine’s Annual St. Paddy’s Pub Crawl 

(Good all year round)

We try this every year, and never manage to make it further than two of the five bars… But there’s always hope on St. Patrick’s Day, isn’t there? Approach from east to west for best results.

1  Ryan’s Irish Pub, 151 Second Ave.
The upside of this fairly standard pub is its size — and the friendliness of the barmaids.

2  McSorley’s, 15 E 7th St.
Yes, it will be a zoo. But whatteryagonnado? Get drunk and eat raw onions, that’s what.

3  Milano’s, 51 E Houston St.
Charming, tiny, great jukebox. Good spot for a cry followed by a fight.

4 The Baggot Inn, 82 W 3rd St.
A fine place for live music. An even finer place for getting drunk with Irish bartenders drunker than you are. (This  year’s lineup features Fiach, The Hartwells, The K, The Crevulators, and Dan Donnelly.)

5 The Four-Faced Liar, 165 W 4th St.
Named for a clock tower in Cork City, by the time you get here, most of the early starters will be adrift on rivers of their own green vomit. Sláinte!


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