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Best Hipster Hotel Bar
Ace Hotel Lobby Bar
20 W. 29th St.
None of the recently opened hip hotel bars harness the meticulous coolness and shrugging nonchalance of the modern hipster like the Ace Hotel's Lobby Bar. Stop in, plop down on one of the plaid armchairs and order an old-timey specialty cocktail, Porkslap Pale Ale or, y'know, like whatever.

Best Bar in which to Hide While the Opening Band Plays
The Knitting Factory
361 Metropolitan Ave.
There's something strange about sitting at a bar with soundproof glass just feet away, separating you from a rock show. There's also something awesome about it: namely, that you can sit down while drinking delicious Peak Organic beers and still be able to say, "What? Oh, yeah, I've totally seen them live."

Best Bar for Those With Almost No Attention Span
Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Ave.
You could bowl, you could see a show, you could eat a full meal from the in-house Blue Ribbon, you could grab a table in the spacious lounge and stare at all the attractive people who walk past you, or you could just sit at the bar like a mysterious loner/sad-sack loser. Whatever you choose, remember, drink up.

Bar With Its Own Taco Truck
The Woods
48 S. 4th St.
Yes, the taco truck (or in this case, cart) is the new Big Buck Hunter of Brooklyn, the must-have accessory of the year. This Williamsburg spot's tacos are delicious and its expansive backyard big enough that you can eat your tacos without being crammed against some dude talking about how his band kind of sounds like Pavement.

Best Bar In which to learn about park slope's blue collar roots
477 Fifth Ave.
A stalwart relic in a rapidly changing neighborhood, dedicated generations of storytelling Slopers occupy the bar stools and pool table. Occasional free BBQs make you feel as if you're at a 70s Park Slope block party.

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