The Late Night Tribes of NYC: The Circus Kids 


7:00 PM We arrive at House of Yes for pre-party arranging: massive bottles of Grey Goose and candelabras transform the avant-garde space into a private black-and-white themed birthday party.

9:00 PM Tonight’s performers prepare for their acts on the second floor’s craft wonderland, Make Fun studios. Racks of innovative self-made wardrobes provide last-minute costume changes, and the in-house sewing machines give bubbly House of Yes founder, Kae Burke, a chance to sew herself a pair of tights in five minutes.

10:00 PM By now, the venue has transformed into a pocket of Victorian lust—dim lights, a piano player and DIY hors d’oeuvres. The Great Gatsby-styled guests on the list start arriving and are greeted by The Aliens, “bouncers” dressed in glittered full-body suits and the Gaga trademark inverted tuna can shoe. Lovely tranny Karyzma Silva greets girls at the door who insist, “Your tits are putting mine to shame!”

11:40 PM After a set by Mouse Alexander, the variety show kicks off with Kae and Brett Lord, who twirl and extend their limbs on an aerial ring. They are followed by fire dancer Evgeniya Radilova, whose tiny frame and sensual ease with her batons “could turn a gay man straight.” Brett reappears for a steamy suspended rope piece with Anya Sapozhnikova, the other founder of the House, whose air-grinding and mimicked kissing leaves the straight girls in the audience also questioning their sexual preference.

12:30 AM A birthday serenade from sexy dino-dressed Anya inspires the vintage suits and floor-length dresses to find their inner entertainer, and partake in a creatively lavish dance party until 4AM.

Tuesday: Make Fun open studio at the House of Yes/Manhattan Inn
Wednesday: Carnival at Bowlmor
Thursday: Galapagos art space/HiChristina’s variety show
Friday: Perform at Kiss n' Fly
Sunday: Vandam at Greenhouse


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