The Late-Night Tribes of NYC: The Queers 



9:30 PM Panda Bar’s back room, sprinkled with art and meatballs on sticks, is where we start the night. Nothing too crazy goes down, but Amanda Pearson, an illustrator and “professional naked girl” is wearing marijuana-shaped pasties and we can’t stop staring at them.

11:00 PM We arrive at Home Sweet Home, for Lauren Dillard and Aaron K’s queer night, Filth. While not too many queer folk are here yet (except the random dude we saw crying on the bouncer on the way in), DJ Aaron K plays top 40 hits and we dance accordingly.

11:45 PM A table awaits with DJ Lady Sovereign and model types like Cole Mohr. The crying dude grabs the table’s bottle of vodka and pours it all over the booth; Lady Sovereign is disturbed by the wet seats. We can only hope the disgraceful waste of booze has helped crying dude salve his break-up wound.

12:11 AM Outside, chainsmoking is abundant. Lady Sovereign, avoiding her DJ set, joins us for some witty/offensive banter.

1:00 AM Location change! We head to Avery Noyes’ Blackout party at Le Souk, a Moroccan-style hookah lounge that accommodates belly dancers, uptown gays and Alexander McQueen-clad “characters.”

3:00 AM Too much vodka and too many painfully attractive people means it’s time to go home.

The Queers
The Queers The Queers The Queers The Queers The Queers The Queers The Queers The Queers

The Queers

DJs, models, musicians and artists who happen to be queer.

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