The Late-Night Tribes of NYC: The Radical Hip-Hoppers 


9:30 PM KnifeFight founder and Ninjasonik coordinator Andrew Smith assembles the Radical Outing crew at his Greenpoint loft, where they pregame with Colt 45s and a healthy amount of smoking. A series of spontaneous challenges ensues: e.g. alternating one-handed pull-ups on the upper level loft; shooting empty beer bottles with a bb gun.

10:30 PM Since the ideal way to reach Bushwick from Greenpoint is by foot, we begin our trek to Legion bar. Luckily, the stunts have not yet subsided, and guys jump into semi-unoccupied ice trucks and incorporate street garbage finds into costumes.

10:50 PM A heated discussion on the disappointing state of hip-hop and how Nicki Minaj might be the holy grail of female artists keeps us warm (we’re still walking).

11:15 PM We arrive at humble dive bar-cum-hipster gem Legion for The Weezy’s Jail Release Party. To our dismay, they avoid entry stamping our faces with teardrops, but provide a Lil Wayne Pandora station, which is good.

12:00 AM Rocky Business gives an epic performance, during which drums are chucked, people are lifted and everyone appears pleasantly moist. While the crowd may dip to fewer than 20 people, the extension of unrepressed vocal and physical energy makes us feel like we’ll have to leave during the standing ovation if we ever want to get our car out of the parking lot.

1:00 AM Memberz Only/Anton Glamb’s set turns things down with a subtler lyrical presentation until “You Give Me a Boner” inspires the crowd to a series of tasteful crotch pumps.

1:45 AM After debating a trip into the city for Jah Jah’s DJ set at Gallery Bar, we settle for a bodega’s Four Loko supply and Anton’s McKibben loft, where we drink ginger ale and vodka from soup bowls (because it lasts longer) and sing happy birthday to Rocky Business guitarist Cudoz.

3:50 AM The party continues (to the roommates’ dismay) but it’s time for us to go. One last lucky swig from the bowl-o-drink! Goodnight moon.

The Radical Hip-Hoppers
The Radical Hip-Hoppers The Radical Hip-Hoppers The Radical Hip-Hoppers The Radical Hip-Hoppers The Radical Hip-Hoppers The Radical Hip-Hoppers The Radical Hip-Hoppers The Radical Hip-Hoppers

The Radical Hip-Hoppers

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