The Nar: Cattyshack 

249 Fourth Ave, btwn President and Carroll Sts. Park Slope

Still licking your wounds over the closing of the legendary Lower East Side lesbian bar Meow Mix? It’s time to pull yourself together, hop on the subway to Brooklyn, and check out Cattyshack, Brooke Webster’s new Sapphic hot spot. The doors opened earlier this summer, and the girls — and boys — have been pouring in ever since.

Situated on a lonely stretch of Fourth Avenue, Cattyshack sticks out amidst the car dealerships, warehouses, and mega-stores like a diamond in the rough. The bi-level club features two bars, retro video games (Ms. Pac-Man, anyone?), a pool table, a dance floor, and a jukebox that plays fantastic tunes. Despite the profusion of ladies, on the night I went, there was no line for the girls’ room, which was surprisingly clean and dry (two qualities that are extremely rare when it comes to New York City bars at 2 am).

As for the drinks, a tragically hip can of PBR will set you back only $3, and there’s also a great selection of Belgian ales, wines, and liquors. Cocktail in hand, make your way to the roof deck, which is clearly the place to be. Unlike most Manhattan bars, where gardens and outdoor spaces are festooned with Christmas lights, faux palm trees, and plug-in fountains, the deck at Cattyshack is refreshingly unadorned. There are picnic tables, a few (indigenous) potted plants, and a grill seemingly begging for burgers. All in all, it feels less like a bar and more like one of the better house parties you’ve been to in the last year.

If you’re there on a Friday night, make sure to check out the go-go dancers. Don’t miss Maine — saying she’s a good poll dancer is like saying that Lance Armstrong is a good bike rider. Her gravity-defying acrobatics will mesmerize you (I swear at one point she was holding on with just her big toe), and no matter what your orientation, you’ll want to stuff more than a few bills down her underpants.


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