The Quiet 

Directed by Jamie Babbit

Dot, a young deaf and mute orphaned teen, is sent to live with her godparents and their daughter. The outwardly perfect family quickly unravels when the new addition moves in, and dark family secrets come to light. Dot’s inability to hear or speak forces her to shoulder the burdens of everyone around her, as she bears witness to the disturbing underbelly of this seemingly idyllic town. The plot feels overly twisted and deceptive as the viewer realizes that none of the characters are entirely reliable. The students in the film are so overly characterized that they become more like caricatures of American teenagers, further distancing the viewer from the disturbing details of the story. The distancing effects of the overly stylized plot and characters make for a lackluster viewing experience, and limited engagement with the dark and serious subject matter broached in the film.


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