The Real “Brooklyn Candidate” for Mayor: Talking With Sal Albanese 

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Can you sum up your plans and positions regarding the issues important to our readers? Like, bike lanes?
They’ve made our streets safer and people healthier. I’m for them, love them, and think we need more. But they are just part of a much bigger plan that I have for transportation, which you can read on my website.

Animal rights?
My mother-in-law had a little chihuahua named Joey, and I’m convinced that he helped add years to her life. This is New York. We’re a sophisticated city, and we have the means to treat animals humanely. We need more shelter space in places like Queens and the Bronx. We need to transition away from horse carriages in Manhattan. And we need to push to get people to adopt animals in need.

As a City Councilman, I brought the ferry to the 69th Street Pier in Bay Ridge. As a candidate, I’ve spent plenty of time on the Staten Island and Rockaway ferries, and I’m convinced we need more. I want to expand service between the Brooklyn and Queens waterfronts, to the South Shore of Staten Island, and make the Rockaway ferry permanent.

Affordable rent?
More than anything else, this is what I hear about from Brooklynites of all backgrounds. I’ve got a plan to build and preserve 210,000 units of affordable housing and finally—finally!—hold developers accountable. I also plan to define “affordability” by local median income so that prices reflect what people are actually able to pay. The bottom line: if our people can’t afford rent, we’re going to lose a lot of creative talent to cities like Austin and Portland.

Hipsters get a lot of flak, but at the end of the day they want what everyone else wants: jobs that pay the bills, an apartment that they can afford, and, of course, local access to artisanal pickles!


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