The Real Subway Diet 

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Impress your little brother at RUB:
Righteous Urban Barbeque, 208 W. 23rd St.
Three words: Deep. Fried. Ribs.

Impress out-of-neighborhood New Yorkers with local color at:
The Bright Food Shop, 218 Eighth Ave.
Asian-Mexican fusion? Don’t be skeptical. This restaurant is a Chelsea institution.

Drown your sorrows in peace and quiet at:
Tello’s, 263 W. 19th St.
This tiny, traditional Italian joint (think red-and-white checked table clothes) is perfect for those woe-is-me moments. Key up a sad song on the ancient jukebox and stare into the flickering candles.

Make a new friend at:
East of Eighth, 254 W. 23rd St.
This inexpensive, traditional American restaurant has an impressive backyard garden complete with a fountain. The staff is so nice, you’ll be temped to wander into the kitchen to hang out.

Forget buying groceries for a spontaneous, inexpensive dinner for two...
Whole Foods, 250 Seventh Ave.
Head there on Thursdays for tasting night and eat for free. Start off at the fish counter where they’re often serving up marinated salmon, then eat your way over to the cheese section.

Spend a week’s salary on a cocktail at...
Serena, 22 W. 23rd St.
...the bar at the Chelsea Hotel. The extensive list of break-the-bank cocktails includes concoctions like the Pink Bitch and the Southern Squeeze

Get groceries for your roommate’s birthday dinner at:
Garden of Eden, 162 W. 23rd St.
Choose from an impressive array of olives, just-picked produce, fresh meats, handmade pastas, and microbrews.

Make a nostalgic nod to old New York at:
Moran’s Chelsea, 146 Tenth Ave.
Housed in a building that dates back to the early 1800s, featuring a classic, handcrafted cherrywood bar that survived Prohibition.

Feel like you’re eating in an entirely different country at:
Le Gamin, 183 Ninth Ave
This French café is the real deal, right down to the crepes, café au lait, and Croque-Monsieurs.

Pick up a “meal” you can eat on the subway at:
Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, 61 W. 23rd St.
Make a pit-stop at Anita Lo’s affordable takeout joint where you can mix and match dumplings and dipping sauces.
AvroKO-designed restaurant with ambitious New Zealand-influenced cuisine.


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