The Rogers Sisters 

The Invisible Deck Too Pure

If life were really like MTV (as it should be), I wouldn’t want to date the Rogers Sisters, and neither would my mom. In a nutshell, they bore the corduroys right off me. Better bands from NYC’s heyday of garage rock and new wave heavily influenced the Rogers Sisters’ take on (can we agree?) an already overdone dance-rock sound. Here on The Invisible Deck the lyrics are surface, as is much of the musical content. Sure, it’s upbeat and might get a few asses shaking at a live show. But when there lacks a redeeming quality underneath the throwback exterior, what’s the real draw? There are some moments that shine on this record. Pleasantly so, they get a little sludgy at times, adding a much needed grit. When that’s mixed with the harmonizing on ‘Money Matters’ it makes for a fine first step toward something unique. But those hopeful moments are lost amid repetitive one-chord strumming, overall underwhelming musicianship, and the subsequent wandering back in time  to realize we’ve been exposed to this particular sound too much already. With one finger snap into the air, I gotta say, “Next!”


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