The Video Game Review: 25 to Life 

Over the last 20 years the entertainment industry has seen its share of battles waged in the name of censorship. Tipper Gore led the fight against music in the 80s and the ESRB stepped up to the mic in the 90s, placing a rating system on video games to avoid selling ‘inappropriate’ titles to minors. Lock up the kids once again, our friends at Eidos bring us a protective parent’s nightmare with 25 to Life for Xbox.

Lace up those Timberlands and hit the streets in this shooter-gone-gangster. The storyline kicks off as Freeze attempts to ditch his criminal life only to be sucked back in after his family is kidnapped. In order to gain his freedom, Freeze must gun down hundreds of cops throughout various levels with only one route from start to finish. On top of the limited exploration of environments, gamers will find frustration as characters can’t run, roll or dive — all crucial to survival when your ass is caught in the crosshairs. Although the game offers no variety in game play, like use of a vehicle, players later take on the role of police officer Williams and can arrest people instead of using them as a human shield. Score! A large arsenal of weapons will be at your disposal, but the aiming mechanics grow tiresome when targeting enemies who often blend into the background.
The saving grace for 25 to Life lies in the multiplayer mode, and is backed by street beats from 2Pac, Public Enemy, DMX and more. With a sticker price of $40, gamers lookin’ to go gangster might want to consider saving some dollar, dollar bills ya’ll and pick up the soundtrack and a cold 40oz. instead.

Best Feature:
Killer sounds effects and hot jams while gunnin’ down foes.
Worst Feature: Cut scenes are so bad, they could receive cult status.
Weirdest Feature: You can’t run from the cops — bullshit!


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