The Video Game Review: Drakengard 2 

Drakengard 2 for the PS2 is yet another sequel to a game I’ve never played and barely heard of. The original seems to have a strong following in Japan (what game doesn’t?) and a bit of a cult here in the States. Its makers, Square Enix, are renowned worldwide for making the greatest RPGs of all time, from Chrono Trigger to the Final Fantasy series. Although it seriously looks like one, Drakengard 2 isn’t an RPG by any means. It is, however, an entertaining, addictive game that sucks you in and keeps you playing.

The game takes place 18 years after the events of the original, events that are “explained” in a convoluted manner during the beautiful opening sequence. Some strange, catastrophic goings-on with an evil Empire and a dragon and magic seals being broken (I had to read the instruction manual’s prologue for clarity). None of this confusing backstory jazz matters much once you start playing, since the new plot intertwines a little more clearly with aspects of the old. The game starts you out as Nowe, a rookie Knight of the Seal who was raised by Legna, a big, blue dragon with a salty attitude. After learning Nowe’s basic moves you take to the skies as Legna in some incredibly lackluster aerial battles. The real fun is getting the other characters in your war party and switching between them to build up their weapons and magic levels. Of course each character has different skills and weapons that affect a variety of enemies in a variety of ways. It’s not revolutionary gameplay by any means but Drakengard 2 is one
damn fine hack-n-slash adventure.

Best Feature: The cut-scenes, when you actually get to see one, are on par with the best of the Final Fantasy series.

Worst Feature: The save points are only available after an entire mission is complete.

Weirdest Feature: Legna the dragon’s vaguely gay, cranky British accent.


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