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Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance

Since the disappearance of Jean-Claude Van Damme in the 1990s, people have had to look elsewhere for senseless violence. Fortunately for the alpha-leaning males, video games have been filling the void and continue to do so with the release of Capcom’s Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance for the Xbox.

Get ready to throw down and hit the streets of Los Sombras as one of five characters betrayed by the Mafia. Recruit, rob, interrogate or kick the crap out of people while button-mashing your way to the truth behind the backstabbing. In an attempt to breathe life into the fighting genre consider it like Grand Theft Auto meets Tekken.

Beat Down: FOV isn’t just about violence and crime — take a breather from the bloodshed to customize your character. Get some ink done, a haircut or change your wardrobe to decrease chances of getting busted by the cops and having to fight every thug you cross paths with.

The game’s environment is limited to seven areas of town but offers a little variety in game play from roaming to versus battles. Graphically, no punches are pulled but the music loops are highly repetitive and camera angles are often as painful as a kick to the groin. The title has warranted an ‘M’ rating as characters curse every other word and spill buckets of blood. A tough sell at $40, players might want to consider a Tarantino marathon instead to meet their weekly violence quota.

Best Feature: The amount of customizing and detailing characters can undergo.
Worst Feature: Repetitive dialogue gets old fast.
Weirdest Feature: Ability to turn your character into a tranny, as cross-dressing is permitted


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