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Resident Evil 4

Anyone who ventured into the traumatizing hell that was the first Resident Evil knows that horror is a gaming genre waiting for an ideal successor. It’s with little surprise then, after two or three meager entries, Capcom returns triumphantly with the fourth part in their spine-chilling series, and the first for the Playstation 2.

Once again we assume the boots of Leon Kennedy, this time sent deep into the backwoods of Europe in search of the President’s daughter, kidnapped by a mysterious satanic cult. Taking many of its queues from classic 1970s horror flicks (Hills Have Eyes, Evil Dead), the view here is purely apocalyptic, ditching the now-stale zombie motif for some down-and-dirty Texas Chainsaw-style freaks. Where once we could take our time sniping those laughably slow-moving cannibals, now terror is unleashed as we face hordes of frighteningly-realistic sprinting lunatics.

As one would expect from such enrichment, the difficulty factor has been kicked up a notch — but so has the appearance. Losing none of its state-of-the-art audiovisuals in the port over from the Gamecube, the presentation here is astonishing, with a widescreen perspective offering a creepy cinematic feel to the slaughter-fest.

With a rich, lengthy storyline a remarkably impressive audiovisual presentation and more shocks than Dick Cheney at a sauna, Resident Evil 4 easily reclaims the horror throne — just try not to shit your pants.


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