Tommy Tiernan: Loose 

The Actor’s Playhouse 100 Seventh Avenue South

Watching Irishman Tommy Tiernan’s one-man comedy show Loose is a bit like eating a bowl of Lucky Charms.
You have to swallow a bunch of bland bites before you get to the marshmallows. However, most of the audience members in attendance the night I went could scarcely tell the difference, due to the fact that they were plied pre-show with $6 cans of Coors and lulled by the sweet sounds of Street Legal-era Dylan. But Tiernan eventually woke them up with a flurry of frantic movement and brogue-flavored expletives that pepper his 90-minute rant on sex, politics and religion.

His best jokes play upon the peculiarities of the Irish and the differences between the sexes. In one gag he screams about Ireland’s history of oppression, after which he calmly orders a latte. He successfully wonders at women’s ability to comfort one another by trying on each other’s clothes and imagines what it would be like if men did the same. Then, about 30 minutes into the show, he starts on religion. At this point (the “cheap” beer having run its course) half the audience got up to take a piss. If his musings on the subject didn’t prove entertaining enough to keep the call of nature at bay, it’s probably because they’re mostly just incendiary and not particularly original. Priests as kiddy-fiddlers, the handicapped at Lourdes, Jesus really looked like Danny DeVito, etc. But that was just one mediocre mouthful. Even without cracking open a can, I still found some parts magically delicious.


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