Uffie Misses the Trash-Pop Boat 

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Sex Dreams
and Denim Jeans

If Uffie had released Sex Dreams
and Denim Jeans in 2006 at the height of the hype surrounding her MySpace hit “Pop the Glock,” she’d be in a far better position than she is today. But in 2010, with Young Money’s reigning princess Nicki Minaj and her brattier counterpart Ke$ha dominating pop music, the novelty of a pretty girl spitting auto-tuned vulgarities has worn off. Fortunately, she doesn’t rely on shock value alone—the beats behind Uffie’s often self-obsessed rhymes are catchy as hell, at least rivaling those of her competition. “Uffie’s high up in this bitch,” she raps on “Art of Uff,” “and while she gets stronger, all you stupid faking fools copying our own sound.” It may seem like empty boasting, but it’s not.


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