Raised by Wolves EP

Self described as having one foot in the library and the other on the dance floor; Voxtrot fills a niche of sparkly pop music for the cool smart kids.

Sound-wise, this brief, five-song record mixes the subtly angsty 80s Manchester/new wave sound (especially present in singer Ramesh Srivastava’s voice) and 60s Britpop. Voxtrot has the literate, mature charm of indie contemporaries like Belle and Sebastian and the Dears, along with a lively pop bounce.

Subtle synths, pianos, and strings add a level of sophistication and grace rarely seen in the indie-pop genre. The polished poppy quality of the record cuts the bitterness of Srivastava’s clever lyrics, a series of stories that manage to document a never-ending breakup without a moment of cliché or boredom.

This EP accounts for five-sixths of Voxtrot’s released music, but quality and originality like this is sure to herald a great career. They turned plenty of heads at this past CMJ Fest and are due to come back again on December 7th at the Mercury Lounge.


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