Your Biggest Fan(Play Louder)

I first heard Voxtrot at a pivotal time. I was headed down that oft-traveled, dead-end street where people wind up, saying things like “love is a consumer phenomenon” and “white people shouldn’t make music.” I won’t go so far as to say it was Voxtrot alone who pulled me, ever so cutely, out and set my feet on less bombastic ground, but I will neither be so bold as to deny that Ramesh Srivastava’s sweet voice, sweeter lyrics and the band’s layered, nostalgic-for-Austin-and-London-at-once melodies reinvigorated my belief in the power of the new crush and — yes — twee. As for their latest EP, Your Biggest Fan: let’s just say it’s a good thing that I found some inner resolution before I heard this. It makes me sad that they ever got signed — as if it zapped their power to invigorate anything. The melodies are uncomplicated, typical and ba-hor-ing. And the lyrics: junkies, disillusionment, broken hearts — say it ain’t so!   


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