Warm Weather? Global Warming? Worried? 

Sure, some of us have been pretty happy about the unseasonable warmth of the last few months, but others of us have started panicking and searching the internet for cheap land in Canada (hello Moose Factory!). Maybe we should all just take a deep breath and ask those who know — the bartenders.

Where he presides: Enid’s, Greenpoint
Favorite drink: Four-Minute Mile
Yeah, it’s probably global warming. I don’t really know. Actually a customer and I were talking about it just earlier today. It’s strange. The earth is punishing us. Right now it’s all fine, but once the tidal waves start hitting Manhattan, then it’s gonna get a little bit scarier. Once things start looking like that movie The Day After Tomorrow, it won’t be so good anymore.

Where she presides:
Flight 151, Chelsea
Favorite drink: Jägermeister
It’s nice, so I’m not asking any questions about it. I think it’s lovely. I’m from Texas, so I like the warm weather.

Where he presides: The Palace, Greenpoint
You want to know the reason the weather’s been so warm? I made a pact with Satan. Yeah. No, I really did. It’s working out fine. Except for all the rain. I asked for warm weather, but I didn’t want rain. I asked for big fucking things of hail, but I got the rain instead. I wanted the hail. I’ve got a big umbrella made of steel ready for it. Tomorrow’s gonna be cloudy with a chance of locusts.

Where she presides: Katwalk, Midtown
Favorite drink: Stoli Raspberry and soda
I was just talking to the cocktail waitress about this weather. It makes us want to do... nothing! Just ditch work and enjoy it. Of course we haven’t done anything about it. Here I am in a dark bar at 4:30 in the afternoon. God, I love warm weather. I love being outside. But I guess about the only thing I’ve done to take advantage of it this winter is open my window at night.

Where she presides: O’Reilly’s, Midtown
Favorite drink: Michelob Ultra
Bring it on I say. Although it doesn’t really matter. I work too much.

Where she presides: Playwright Downs, Midtown
Favorite drink: Cosmopolitan
This is all our own fault. Global warming’s happening faster than anyone thought it would. What am I doing about it? Probably about what you are: Nothing! Well, recycling I suppose. But I’m not out there protesting or anything. I’m just enjoying the warm weather until Manhattan floods over.

Where she presides: Under the Volcano, Midtown
Favorite drink: Herradura Tequila
I’m from Texas, so I can’t complain about a warm winter. In fact, I don’t know how I’d survive a really cold winter: I’ve only been in the city two years, and I’m still not used to walking around in the cold. Dallas spoiled me — it’s pretty temperate year-round there.


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