What Are You Doing With Your Tax Refund? 

Tax season! Yay! The buds are on the trees, the flowers in the fields, the lily in the valley, the bird in the hand… and if you’re lucky, eventually, you have the fat return check in your mailbox.


Where she presides:    Sweetwater Grill, Williamsburg
Favorite drink:            Red wine
I’m going to use it for paying off my debt. [‘So, you are, in fact, getting money back?’, our intrepid correspondent asks.] Oh yes. [Will it be a good refund?]  Pretty good. I’m happy. I did it already — TurboTax — 45 minutes. A lot of your tips you have to claim because they are on credit cards, but some of it isn’t claimed — though you didn’t hear that from me.
Where he presides:    Charleston, Williamsburg
Favorite drink:           Margarita
I’m going to England for two weeks. I should be paying off credit card debt, but that’s the thing — I’m not.
Where she presides:  Professor Thom’s, East Village
Favorite drink:          The Bad Kitty
Well, if it comes before late May, I’ll use it to pay for my trip to Europe. I’m headed to London, Amsterdam, and Lisbon. I’ve got friends in London and an uncle in Lisbon. As far as Amsterdam, I just want to see it. If my tax return comes after the trip, I’ll use it to pay off the credit card bill. 

Where he presides:    Finnerty’s, East Village
Favorite drink:          Beer
It’s going straight into my savings account so I can pay for my parents’ 35th anniversary present. We’re taking an Alaskan cruise. They know about it, my mom’s planning it, I’m just paying for it. It’s not till next year, so I’ll use my 2007 return for that, too!
Where he presides:    Zablozki’s, Williamsburg
Favorite drink:           Jameson on the rocks
[Michael eyes our intrepid correspondent warily, clearly suspecting him of being on the IRS payroll.] How do I know where you’re from? [Our intrepid correspondent points to his shoes — you can always tell an IRS man by his shoes. This seems to work.] I paid my American Express bill, which was a grand. I got a grand back and I paid off my American Express bill. Now I still got $25,000 in other debt. [Perhaps next year’s refund can take care of that?] Nah, I’ll never get that much money back.
Where she presides:    Crocodile Lounge, East Village
Favorite drink:            Rusty Nail
Well, I’m not getting a tax return this year. Last year I paid for part of a trip to Spain, to Granada. I wish I could do that again this year. [You and me both, Heather. Why did we take those three exemptions again? We thought we were so clever not giving the IRS an interest-free loan. Now look at us. Stuck in New York, in hock to the man.]


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