What Did You Do With Your Stimulus Check? 

We deferred filing taxes this year (not sure what that actually means) so we haven’t received our stimulus check yet. When we do, though, we’re going to buy the world’s largest brownie and sail it across the East River. You’re welcome, failing economy.

Where she presides:
Maxie’s, Gramercy
Favorite drink: Everything
I spent mine on rent. I heard it cost a lot to mail all the checks out, like, more than the checks were worth. I don’t think people are spending their stimulus checks, I think they’re paying off debt. That’s what I hear.
Where he presides:
Vino de Vino, Astoria
Favorite drink: Jack and Coke
I’ll probably pay back my student loans, given that I’m a student. I go to Pratt, and I study architecture. It’s either that or use the money to buy books or supplies for school... that sort of thing. Or save it.
Where she presides:
Still Bar & Grill, LES
Favorite drink: Rat Pack
I’m actually not getting one because I’m a dependent. So, nothing. If I were getting one, though, I would just put it into savings. Just sock it away, I guess.

Where she presides:
Cafeteria, Chelsea
Favorite drink: Single malt, on the rocks
I paid off debt. And I traveled to Brazil. Actually, I paid off credit debt, then I put the tickets to Brazil on the credit card.  I would have gone to Brazil regardless, but the check helped.  Brazil was awesome, by the way.
Where she presides:
MacDougal St. Ale House, West Village
Favorite drink: Canadian Club and Soda
I didn’t spend it. I was very good. I put it in an ING account, and it’s growing as we speak.  At, like, a five percent interest rate.  I probably should have paid off debt, but fuck it. Ideally, I’d like to open my own bar in Coney Island.
Where she presides:
Woody McHale’s Bar & Grill, Chelsea
Favorite drink: “It depends”
Well, I already got mine, and I used it to pay down my credit card debt. I guess that’s better than spending it on something for myself. I could’ve gotten myself a few new pairs of shoes or something like that, but I thought I needed to be stricter with myself. Since I have this debt, I might as well work to get out of it.


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